NEW! Meet the Artists Gallery Guide

I’ve written this little resource pack as a way to inspire and help families to get more out of trips to art galleries and museums.

They can be such rich, interesting and fun experiences which spark ideas and further interest, but if we’re being honest, they can also be nerve wracking, stressful, confusing and exhausting! I really want this guide to help your experience be the first rather than the second option.

The course is divided up into 3 sections, “Before you go”, “When you get there” and “After you get home” to help you think about the 3 phases of planning for a fab trip.

Within those 3 sections it’s subdivided further into 3 age groups. This is to help you find resources that are just right for the stage of your family.

The printable sheets aren’t divided into age groups as it’s really best for you to decide what will be appropriate for your own young people.

All of these resources aren’t designed with a particular gallery or museum in mind, but have been kept open so that use them wherever you are going.

All for just £6!

Meet the Artists 20 week course

Meet the Artists is a 20 week Art and Art History Curriculum which each week includes;

  • Artist's biography

  • Art Print (where copyright allows)

  • Artist quote of the week

  • Discussion starter questions

  • Art Project based around the technique introduced that week

  • "Rabbit Hole" ideas for further exploration

  • Further resouces and book list

Each week you’ll be introduced to an artist and an accompanying art style, technique or medium to try out for yourself. There will be some biographical information to you read, some discussion starter questions, an art project for you to try and ideas for further exploration. Where copyright permits I’ve included an art print for you to put up each week. There will be suggestions of books for you to try if you’d like to find out more about the artist as well as ideas for trips and other experiences.

The Artists and Techniques are;

1. Frida Kahlo - Self Portraits

2. Van Gogh - Still Life

3. Andy Warhol - Printmaking

4. Pablo Picasso - Cubism

5. Barbara Hepworth - Sculpture

6. Jean-Michel Basquiat - Mixed media

7. Alfred Wallis - Folk Art

8. Cave Painters - Natural materials

9. William Fox Talbot - Photography

10. Banksy - Stencil Art

11. Hiroshige - Layers

12. Beatrix Potter - Watercolours

13. Rene Magritte - Surreal collage

14. Gustav Klimt - Layered collage

15. Georgia O’Keefe - Landscape

16. Mary Cassatt - Portraits

17. Georges Seurat - Pointillism

18. Henri Matisse - Art with Scissors

19. Leonardo da Vinci - Sketching

20. Rembrandt Van Rijn - Chiaroscuro

This isn’t a comprehensive History of Art but just a selection of different artists which we as a family have enjoyed learning about together, hopefully you will too.

This guide is really designed to be a springboard for you and your family to feel more confident in exploring the art world for yourself.

My hope is that you feel empowered and excited as you discover these amazing artists together and create lasting memories through the weeks through using this guide.

Download the curriculum today for only £15!

Meet the Artists Winter & Christmas

I’m so excited to share this mini curriculum with you. Art History and Christmas are two of my favourite things! I really hope this guide helps your family to connect over art and create beautiful masterpieces in a season when it can be hard to prioritise connection and creativity.

During 4 weeks your family will discover and explore the life and Art of Hendrick Avercamp, JMW Turner, Fra Angelico and Everett Patterson and try your hand at 4 different art styles and techniques; Cityscapes, Symbolism, Sea or Landscapes and Graphic Novels. The format is the same as in the longer Meet the Artists with each week which includes;

  • Artists biography

  • Art Print

  • Discussion starter questions

  • Art Project based around the technique introduced that week

  • "Rabbit Hole" ideas for further exploration

  • Further resouces and book list

All for just £10.

Meet the Artists Children's Book Illustrators

I love children's picture books and find these 5 illustrators so interesting and have loved exploring their art with with family. I’m so excited to share this mini curriculum with you!

During 5 sessions your family will discover the lives and art of Dr Seuss, Dick Bruna, JRR Tolkien, Eric Carle and Richard Scarry. The format is similar to the longer Meet the Artists with each week including;

  • Illustrator's biography

  • Discussion starter questions

  • Art Project based around the technique introduced that week

  • "Rabbit Hole" ideas for further exploration

  • Further resouces and book list

All for just £10.

Meet the Female Artists from Around the World

I'm really excited to bring you this course! You'll explore 15 female artists from all over the globe (China, Germany, Mexico Australia, Finland, Iran, Japan and the US to name just some).

Discover women who defied expectations, broke the mould and created not just beautiful art but cultural change for all women by challenging what the world thought women were capable of.

The Artists included are;

Bridget Riley, Hannah Hoch, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Artemisia Gentileschi, Tove Jansson, Vavara Stepanova, Nampeyo, Zaha Hadid, Guan Doesheng, Lola Alvarez Bravo, Lavinia Fontana, Mary Blair, Yayoi Kusama, Harriet Powers and Maria Merien

Their work covers an amazing range of styles and techniques which we will explore together. Learn about and have a go at; pottery, collage, costume design, book illustration, architecture, photography, nature study and dots and more!

Like the other courses each week contains

  • Artist biographies

  • Discussion starter questions

  • Art print where copyright allows

  • Easy to run art project learning new techniques and styles

  • "Rabbit Hole" ideas for further exploration

  • Further resource lists and book ideas

All for just £15.

Please note, this course contains one image of a biblical scene, which some parents might find shocking. Artemisia Gentileschi wanted it to be shocking, but some parents may want to choose a different Gentileschi image to look at together. Please decice yourself whether this is appropriate for your children.

Meet the Artists - A Study of Animals in Art for 4-7s(ish!)

I've written a new 7 week course specifically for children aged 4-7ish!

This animal themed curriculum includes all the usual Meet the Artists trademark elements of; biography, art project, discussion starter questions, art print where copyright allows, rabbit hole ideas and further resources list as well as a new element for this course - a list of activity ideas to lay out while you read to keep little hands busy.

The artists included this time are;

Paul Klee, Alexander Calder, George Stubbs, Robert Rauschenberg, Jeff Koons, Hans Holbein and Henri Rousseau.

I'm really excited about this course and all the fun you will have with your little ones as they discover these beautiful art works and create masterpieces of their own.

This 29 page download costs just £12.