FAQs for Meet the Artists 20 week course.

  1. What is included each week?

Each week we start with a quick Biography of the Artist. Then there will a set of Starter Questions based around the Art Print included for the week. The questions range from easy to more challenging, but even if you're children are older i'd encourage you to start at the beginning to encourage you all to really look at the picture and see what's there, even if it's a very familiar image. There's ideas and instructions for an Art Project each week as well as a range of different "Rabbit Hole" suggestions for you to keep exploring that artist during the week and beyond. Then i suggest some Further Resources. Where copyright allows I've included an Art Print for you to stick on your wall which includes a quote each week which you could use as copywork if that's your thing!

  1. I haven't got much time, how long does the course take each week?

The course is really designed to be a springboard for family discussions and explorations from the lives of 20 artists. So at it quickest, the course could 30 minutes a week but I would imagine you and your children might want to spend longer researching and getting creating with your art projects.

  1. Are there any extra hidden costs?

Not really! There are art projects each week which generally use basic art supplies. Some weeks there might be a few extra bits you might need for the project but none of them are particularly expensive or hard to get. I've outlined at the beginning of the course what these are.

  1. What age is the Course aimed at?

You will know what you're own children are capable of but my suggestion is children aged 4 upwards.

  1. Can older children use it on their own?

Yes! If you have a teenager looking to learn more about Art and Art History, Meet the Artists could be used by them on their own, though they will probably want someone to discuss the Starter Questions with. I've suggested that as a parent you might want to pre watch some of Suggested Resources as a lot of artists sadly had pretty sad lives, and some of the content of the You Tube videos reflect this!

  1. Do i need to print it all out?

No! You'll probably want to print out the Art Prints, when they're included, so that you can stick them up somewhere in your house and some people like to readfrom paper rather than text on a screen, but there's no reason to print the course out if you don't want to.

  1. Why aren't all the Artists' prints included?

Copyright lasts on an Artists work during their lifetime an for 70 years after their death, so a number of the Artists in the course don't have pictures included for this reason. I've written out what you need to Google to find an image of that weeks Art if it's not included.

  1. Will this course teach my children how to draw?

This is not a "How to" course. This will encourage your whole famiy to look more closely at Art and think more creatively when you're making your own art, so it probably will encourage your children to draw, paint and make more often, but it's not a step by step how to course.

  1. Why is the course only 20 weeks long?

I am planning more courses which will complement Meet the Artists. There is now Meet the Artists Winter & Christmas and there will be other Meet the Artists courses coming soon!

  1. I don't know anything about Art, what if i don't know the answers to the Starter Questions?

Treat the Starter Questions as a chance for you to explore and learn with your children. A lot of questions about Art (and life generally!) don't have neat answers. Treat them as long term areas of pondering and ideas you can come back to. Why is the Mona Lisa so famous? It's OK to say "Hmm, I don't know, let's have a think, ask other people, look online, look in books and keep thinking."

  1. Can i get a refund if I don't like it?

I'm afraid we can't offer refunds. Please take a look at the sample pages provided on the link on the "Courses" page so you can see what's included before you buy.

  1. How much is it?

Meet the Artists only costs £15.

  1. Wher can I buy it?


FAQs for Meet the Artists Winter & Christmas

  1. I'm already partway through Meet the Artists 20 week course, is it ok to pause and do this course?

Of course! It's great to focus on the seasons and things that you as a family are interested in, like Christmas!

  1. I don't celebrate Christmas - is this course still for me?

Two out of the 4 art pieces are based on the Biblical story of Jesus being born, the Christmas story, but the material doesn't assume you have a faith. To understand the pictures I suggest you might want to read the Bible passages which the Artist is basing his work on. You can find these online if you don't have a Bible.