Find out what families have to say about Meet the Artists

"We are loving this curriculum and I would recommend it for everyone! It is the kind of curriculum that can be used again and again and this makes it even better value for money!" - @multiculturalmotherhood

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"I wanted to thank you for putting the art curriculum together, we are absolutely LOVING them! Neither of us liked art that much before we started but now we really look forward to our Tuesday art days. It is honestly the highlight of the week so thank you again." - @home.ed.muma

"We have used it to enhance our artist studies and the kids have especially enjoyed the hands-on, ‘doing art’ part of it. Written by a fellow Home-Ed Mum who is an Art History graduate, it really is an invaluable addition to any Home-Ed family’s timetable. Fantastic stuff!" - @gilliebeanc

"We all loved doing this course. I cannot recommend it enough. The content was so well put to together in such a great format. We learnt so much about the artists and had fun trying to recreate their styles. Highlight for me was using spray paint in the style of Banksy (on paper!)" - Jolsna (Mum of 2)

"I like learning about all the artists I didn't know about before, and doing their art like they would do it." - Leah (10)

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